Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Brands observe and analyze big data and make new decisions depending on the results of their analysis. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is by far the leading marketing automation tool in the world, based on the most used and over-the-counter functionality in recent years, according to the Gartner Report.

Reklam5 is the only partner of Salesforce in Turkey. Salesforce Marketing Cloud creates a single customer view by bringing together all the channels from which data is derived. It allows you to design and automate the customer's journey with the brand. It enables you to communicate through all the communication channels (e-mail, sms, call center call, mobile notification etc.) at the right time with personalized content. The most important point is 1-1 communication. In other words, the content that is especially produced for the customer can be transmitted from all channels to the customer exactly when he/she needs it.

In summary, the tool allows you to access your customers, either a potential or a loyal customer, through set of channels and engage with them in their journey. For example, the e-mail campaign you perform for your customers is not a bulk mailing, but the content of the e-mail is entirely personalized and can be customized exclusively to that individual customer, independent from all other users, with the analysis of the behavioral data of the user. This means that the system is able to send 5 million e-mails to your customers through social ads, sms, e-mail and push notification channels using artificial intelligence.








The system provides great convenience in terms of segmentation, processing of data, trigger scenarios, and it is used by all major brands in the world such as; Burberry, Gap, Nike, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Expedia, Uber, Zappos, Netflix, Sony, Bank of America, Citi Bank etc.