Project Detail

The Easiest Prepared Picnic Basket From Your Keyboard To Central Park!

Have you ever wished that there were a service preparing everything you needed for a picnic and without you getting tired? If that’s the case, the only thing you need is Upicnic (and of course a house/apartment somewhere close to Central Park). We created a sunny design that reflects Upicnic's fresh point of view, sweetened and served with a great user experience. They are expanding throughout America after the amazing impact they have created in Central Park. We are also still insisting that they should start serving at Caddebostan (Istanbul’s Central Park).

Of course; Responsive!

We have worked on a responsive design so that picnic basket consumers can enjoy filling up their baskets with a variety of food selections through their mobile devices and tablets.

Awarded for Energetic Point of View

We have exaggerated our energetic point of view and have been awarded with the Gold Award in the Diversified Services category in the world famous Stevie Awards, the best in class award of IMA, and the Silver Award in the Responsive Design category of Horizon Interactive Awards!