Who We Are

Who We Are

Team Members

Reklam5 is creating and developing ideas for its customer’s digital marketing needs since 2008. Especially focuses on generation of high traffic, management of conversion rates and sustaining higher engagement rates. The team regularly plays Fifa, enjoys music, interests in photography, exercises in gym and offers its clients the best profitable projects for them.



He is the Big Boss referring to his age, married and the father of a mischievous baby girl. Anyone who has a problem or an idea to discuss goes to the Big Boss first. Our Boss, being fond of talking and thinking, always occupy someone busy with his conversations, infects our tongues with 90's pop songs by whistling them around, and discovers creative ideas. He is the backbone of the agency and monument of stabilization. Big Boss, laughs a lot, argues a lot, does not let go, listens with patience and answers neatly. When he talks about his professional past he says ‘no risk, higher salaries’, but things are different now.



He is the Jr. Boss. He joined the team officially right after his graduation from Boston University. Our boss is in charge of new trends, technology and fashion. Getting along well with everyone, Jr. Boss is a natural-born communicator. According to rumors, he lost his capacity of anger during his holiday around Europe. Once he cut off his umbilical cord to his smart phone or tablet, you can see him running from desk to desk around the office. Being fond of sharing his energy, Jr. Boss is source of our motivation and excitement. He fires up the new projects and approaches former ones with sympathy.



She is the wife of the Big Boss and our Technology Consultant. As she currently continues with her professional career, on the other hand she looks after us, preventing from misbehaving. She works hard, thinks fast, resolves issues quickly, waits patiently, and during all those things never forgets to smile. If she is there, then you don’t have to worry if you have a problem. Wait for a while she is just about to fix it.



If you need a final touch for your job, just consult with her. She can be your life saver in all subjects from design to mechanics, from strategy to communications. Unlimited consulting opportunities, high interest, positive support and no provision! If you must be persuasive in a presentation to a customer, against creative in a briefing then she will be your greatest advocate. Think of a brand in your mind and ask her, she will know someone for sure.



He is a joker who is expert in software development. Whatever the problem is Ali will always have a solution to fix it. While explaining us something about an interface development, he also continues developing his code for backend. Ali suffers from the syndrome of constantly eating without gaining weight, which causes a lack of motivation in the office. He is the conqueror of App Store and a total Fifa master. He talks very fast, eats a lot, takes work home and finishes it before he brings it back.



Everyone in the office knows that she always has urgency. She rushes, makes phone calls, send mails to people, always busy and in panic. She will often approach people and ask ‘Oh I am bothering you but what about that project’. She is a terminator in terms of closing deals. If the work is not completed, she will finish you off. If new projects and customers are involved, she will always find a way to a sympathetic welcome! She has a special interest in Africa. We sincerely believe that she will be planning a trip to go on a safari within two years.



On the first day of her work day, she even brought flu virus to our office, but we accepted her to our team. She navigates from one page to another all day on facebook while listening to Bob Marley songs. Bob Marley songs has to be on stream, we could not teach her listening music from record. Although we assumed she will be increasing the coffee consumption, she ended up slowing down the internet. She has problems finding her way and she still has difficulties finding our office! In finding new projects, she has an intelligence that nobody can stop her!



It is possible to find a new subject for debate at any hour of the day with the office antagonist. Because of his vast knowledge the debates will challenge you to research. Having joined in a debate you may find yourself doing research about anything in history. He is mostly right, even if he isn’t you will have the feeling that he is. He thinks, plans, sometimes does not like the brief, admonishes, watches TV series, listens to music, and by evening he is sure to have something. In his free time he resists (free style and subject-independent).



If you are bored in the office just take a look at Selahattin. Staring at you with a mouthful of smile, you might forget the fact that you are bored. If you continue looking for a longer time, you can start laughing out loud. It is unclear what happens if you push a bit further. He is a wireframe master. He draws wireframes with every program. When he gets bored he even draws on a book with a pencil. He fits in all the definitions given by the description for the ideal candidate for every director wants on the side. AKA Eminem.





We are still not quite sure of Gaye's sales technique but she can sell yesterday’s newspaper at a higher price for today! She's a project sassy. She attacks, does not pitty and will not behave. If there is a defect and no one is aware of the defect, she will find it and convince you to correct it eagerly. She's distant but surprisingly a real soccer fan. She says her birthday is celebrated at least 5 times every year, but according to a rumor some years there is 6 months in between two celebrations.



Enes is the unlucky Barcelona team of the sports tournaments. Even though he get angry, his temper is understood only with the word "dammit". He is the polite one of the rude agency. Enes can work on a small part of the design project page for the whole day and can finish the rest in an hour. You can never understand his meticulousness but he does what has to be done. (At least that's what he says)



Does your office lack organization skills? If you think that something is going wrong, if there is something that needs to be organized and if you are the type that forgets, you definitely need Yeliz. If you have Yeliz, you will not even need a navigation to find an address you've never been to before. She will have already found the address for you and notified clients about your arrival through all communication channels. She comes up with unexpected bug fixes trying all different scenarios during the project’s test runs. Her end-of-the-month reporting style and fast usage of content management system is amazing! Thumbs up!