Karsan Jest Electric will carry the world!

WEB SITE : www.karsan.com

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We are taking orders from all over the world with the lead generation-oriented, product-specific landing page layouts which we have prepared for Karsan!


We received organic returns from Australia, Sydney on our way to get the demand links that could export Karsan city minibuses and buses to European countries and America!


UI/UX Design




What we did?

We have worked on a digital marketing plan to put Karsan in the center of the trade. We have evaluated the target markets all over the world, determined the target countries and we have calculated the organic traffic we will get for these countries and the traffic we will get through thepaid ads. We optimized the incoming traffic and started to get the most inexpensive returns.

We increased the organic traffic received through the generic words of the sector by %566 in 1 year.