On its way to become a bestseller on Amazon…

WEB SITE : www.makel.com.tr

TIMELINE : 3 Months


Thousands of products, quickly and easily accessible, a modern design where the user can find exactly what they want in the new Makel website…

Our Goal

The main goal of our game plan was to get the highest number of returns at the lowest cost with the multi-lingual, return-oriented site we designed for Makel, which has a strong export volume for Russia, surrounding countries and Turkic Republics.


UI/UX Design



What we did?

After the launch of the new design with the marketing action plan we prepared, we continued our simultaneous communication in 11 countries. By segmenting the masses who visited our site, interested in our ads, interacting with competing brands, we posted relevant and frequency-intensive ads for each segment. Along with the power of social media, we pursued the target segments in every medium.

In seven countries, we increased our number of followers by 74% within one year.