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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an abbreviation of the initials of Search Engine Optimization words.

Conversion-focused web projects have a strategic value when organic traffic conversion costs and conversion rates are considered. The highest organic traffic comes from direct visits and from the first page of search results. The basic search queries set for each sector constitute the search result’s pages with the highest competition for this sector.

It is unlikely to be among the top 10 results in general production or service related keyword issued with a high number of service or product providers. If we think of this ratio as 10 / "the number of companies that correctly defined the on-site SEO work in the sector", the percentage of success on the first page will also decrease with this increase.

SEO studies are dealt with in two steps as on-site and off-site seo.

On-site SEO includes all the basic arrangements made for the search engine optimization in the development phase of a website. With these arrangements, a search engine reads and interprets the content on the site better. In order to achieve more successful results in the ranking algorithm, which is accepted as a criterion by the user experience, it is necessary for users to improve their visit experiences on the site.

On the other hand, off-site SEO provides quality links to the site, interest and shared contents of social media users, contents that refer to the site in various sources, and increase of value in the site's search engine algorithm. According to the search engine algorithm, the increase in site ranking rises and helps the site to be listed in better positions in the search results.

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