The most visited aquarium in Istanbul…


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In Istanbul, we have used all instruments of digital marketing in order to be the first brand to be remembered when we think about aquarium and we won the race.


During the 6-year project period, we received 55% organic visitors through all searches with the word “aquarium”. Through this useful traffic, we have ensured a disproportionate increase in the value difference between Istanbul Akvaryum and its competitors.


UI/UX Design


R5 Commerce



Social Communication

What we did?

We have increased the commercial volume of the brand in a remarkable manner thanks to the dense frequency advertising campaigns, sales of online tickets and souvenirs, sales of non-category services provided by the search for "Istanbul Diving" with SEO that we have prepared in every tourism season for Middle Eastern countries.

In the project we started with 18,000 followers, we reached 144,000 followers after four years of social media communication.